Your get to know offer

Try our diaper service! Start with the trial offer. This will give you an insight into how we make cloth diapering uncomplicated and pleasant for you. You’ll learn how easy our diapers are to change and how comfortable they feel.

The offer ends automatically, no contractual commitment!

Get to know us, that’s all. We are happy to get the chance to convince you of our service. Because let’s be honest: We are moms and are excited to see you and your super sweet baby and to accompany!

First of all, this means that you will enjoy a detailed consultation. We will explain to you how our cloth diapers are constructed, what the advantages are for you, your baby and the environment. We will also show you how to diaper with cloth on a doll or, if you like, on your baby. And finally we will talk about the practical organization of the diaper service.

After the consultation, the get-to-know-you offer starts directly, as long as you are already a mom or with the birth of the child. Breastfeeding dementia or other memory gaps? No problem! We are at your side with diapering advice and action!

How to start the get-to-know offer

  1. You contact us. Either with this form, by phone, or email.
  2. We’ll make an appointment and bring you our diaper bag. It includes everything you need for cloth diapering:


  3. Either we advise you at the appointment on-site at your home or at a second appointment online via video chat, as it suits you best! Here we also clarify together the 1st exchange day “used diapers for fresh diapers”.
  4. You start with the cloth diapers, as soon as your child is in the world.
  5. We are of course for any unanswered question or to fill any memory gaps via email / WhatsApp / SMS helping you to the side!
  6. We see you again on the 1st exchange day.
  7. Within the 2nd winding week, you give us via this website or via email/WhatsApp/SMS briefly through whether you want to continue with the classic service or the premium service!

If you are yet to become parents, the offer will of course start after the birth of the child! But the consultation appointment can happen in advance, then you have everything already on the spot and could even take the diapers with you to the hospital or birth center.

By the way, the get-to-know offer is the most chosen voucher offer with us!

Note on finding an appointment for the get-to-know offer

We recommend that you contact us as early as possible to arrange a common date!
As a small point of reference for parents-to-be: statistically, most clients would like a consultation meeting about three weeks before the calculated date of birth. Of course, the same applies here: You decide how it comes to you the most stress-free!

The next step is very simple: Please fill out the form below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.