Premium Service

Great! You too are happy with our get-to-know-you offer!

We’ll be happy to continue supporting you with cloth diapering. With our premium service, you’re covered with everything diapering has to offer!

The package includes as standard:


  • The wash delivery service: 1x per week we exchange the used cloth diapers for the washed ones at your doorstep.
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  • The soaker pads and soaker boosters: There is no such thing as “too-often diapered”. Just let us know, and we’ll bring you more – at no extra cost.
  • The XL diaper bag: storage without problems. He is exchanged every week along and delivered with the fresh soaker pads.
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Specially for our premium customers, this package also includes all other products at no extra charge:


Of course, you can purchase our products after the premium time!

Pure relaxation with our premium package

You feel how our premium package relieves you completely just by reading through it? There is no additional mental load, what you have to think about, organize or buy. We take almost everything about cloth diapering off your hands. Well, almost:

The moment of cloth diapering,

  • when you pick up your baby’s smile,
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  • stroking the naked cute romper legs,…
  • Rejoice when you directly experience your baby’s little giant advances like focusing his gaze, reaching for his feet, turning his head, etc…,

we are happy to leave to you. Enjoy yourself and your baby!

Various subscriptions for the premium package

You can book the premium package for one month by default. We recommend you to take out a subscription. Not only that you save up to 35 euros per month on the monthly price. In addition, you do not have to worry about anything else. You only get one invoice and after that the wash-delivery service runs by itself, you don’t have to care anymore: You let us know if you need new diaper fleece or more absorbent pads, or if you want to switch from the newborn overpants to the grow-along ones. We will bring you everything you need on the next delivery day, completely uncomplicated!

The most important next step: please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.