Using the diaper service

Get-to-know offer

Start into the uncomplicated diapering with cloth! Test us, our products, our diaper service. Without any contractual obligation!

We rent you the basic equipment, you try out further diaper products free of charge,


  • Detailed initial consultation at your home
  • Two weeks wash-delivery service for testing


complete basic equipment:

  • enough absorbent pads
  • matching overpants
  • diaper clip

to try out

  • wet bags in different sizes for storage and on the way
  • nursing pads
  • changing mat

one-time 79 € – incl 30€ discount voucher!*

Discounted offers for multiples on request!

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*This 30€ can only be redeemed by direct transfer to the Classic Service or Premium Service.


After the get-to-know-you offer, sign up for our Classic. This will get you the basic cloth diapers for the week plus the wash/delivery service.



  • Diaper delivery and pickup – 1x weekly
  • .

Rental of:

  • Suction pads and suction boosters in required number and size
  • .

  • Diaper bag for storage
  • .

Classic supplement for newborns:

  • the newborn pants Babybyx are included in the price! (fit and therefore applies only to newborns!)

1 month 129 €


3 month package 356 € (only about 119 € per month)


6 month package 689 € (only about 114 € per month)


12 month package 1299 € (only about 108 € per month)

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Our all-round carefree package. You keep the get-to-know package with all its products and benefits. In addition to the service, you don’t have to worry about what else you need to buy or organize to change your baby sustainably!



  • Diaper delivery and pickup – 1x weekly
  • .


  • Suction pads and suction boosters in required number and size
  • .

  • Diaper bag for storage
  • .

Premium service special

  • Diaper fleece, as much as you want to diaper
  • .

  • Waterproof overpants in required number and size
  • .

  • 3 wet bags in different sizes
  • .

  • Washable changing pad for when you are on the go
  • .

  • Our washable nursing pads for mom
  • .

1 month 199 €


3 month package 559 € (only about 186 € per month)


6 month package 1069 € (only about 178 € per month)


12 month package 1979 € (only about 165 € per month)

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Rent cloth diapers

Rental package

You don’t live in Berlin or Munich? Or you want to test if you can get the laundry organized yourself? No problem! Just contact us! We will send you our rental package with everything you need for cloth diapering!



  • Extensive initial consultation via video chat
  • .

  • 50 pieces of multilayer organic cotton soaker pads,
  • Five pieces organic cotton hand inserts for night
  • .

  • Four pieces of waterproof overpants made of breathable material
  • .

  • Two wash bags for storage
  • .

  • Diaper clip
  • Roll of diaper fleece
  • Wash sample
  • Diapering and washing instructions

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4 weeks 99 €

*Each additional week 19€


Diaper service in Berlin

Delivery in Berlin

Our delivery area covers the entire capital! From Spandau to Köpenick, from Zehlendorf to Frohnau.

Dear parents outside the city limits: let us know if you are with several, then the journey to you is certainly no problem! Or maybe we can find another solution! Feel free to let us know!

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Diaper service in Munich

Delivery in Munich

We deliver ds entire Munich city area as well as the neighboring municipalities.

You are unsure whether your place of residence belongs to it? We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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Diaper service in your city?

Your city is missing?

You don’t live in Berlin or Munich? You want to diaper with cloth diapers?
We are happy to rent you our cloth diapers!
99.00 € for the first 4 weeks including detailed online consultation!

Go to the rental package.

Your city is still missing a diaper service?

Let's make the diaper landscape sustainable together!
Let's bring diapering to your city too!

Customer comments

Familie Mudrack-Paeschke mit den Zwillingen Ruby & Zoey in Überhosen der Windelei

Family Mudrack Paschke

“It was already clear to us before the children were born that we wanted to use cloth diapers – mainly to avoid waste and live more sustainably.
The fact that this decision also protects our daughters’ skin and helps them to transition out diapering sooner.”

Paula, Micha & Caspar Schuster mit der Überhose der Windelei-Foto_web

Family Schuster

“The wash delivery service is just right for us! As new parents, you have so much on your plate, so it’s just handy not to have to worry about having enough prefolds and boosters and washing and drying them. It makes our everyday life a lot easier.”

Kundenstimme LGBTQ

Family Herfurtner/Derriks

“We wanted to be able to try cloth diapering without having to make expensive purchases right away. Our midwife was really excited about the fit. The diaper service was very convenient for us.”

Start of complementary feeding, upcoming size change or acclimatization to daycare?

We accompany you through the entire diapering period
and are there for you in case of questions or problems.