The rental package

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  • How do our cloth diapers feel?
    Soft, cuddly, comfortable. No sweaty hands- like to put a hand in a disposable diaper for comparison. Only 10 minutes…
  • How can our cloth diapers be diapered?
    Simply easy. Without any problems. In the consultation in advance, we show you and are of course with diapering advice and day to the side!
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  • How easy is it to integrate our cloth diapers into everyday life?.
    Unproblematic! You get two wet bags in the rental package. One big one for storage at home and one you use for on the go. So where is the problem again?


Included in our rental package.

… is everything you need for cloth diapering.

  • multi-layer organic cotton soaker pads: 50pcs
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  • Organic cotton hand liners for at night: 5pcs
  • .

  • Waterproof overpants made of breathable material: 4pcs
  • .

  • Wash bags for storage in two different sizes: 2 pcs
  • .

  • Diaper clip: 1 pc
  • Diaper fleece roll: 1pc
  • Diaper sample: 1pc
  • Wrapping and washing instructions
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  • Includes 1:1 online video consultation:
    • We talk about 1 h via Zoom or Skype with you and if you like, your partner. You have best a doll or teddy bears to wrap ready.
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    • The consultation includes the theoretical part about cloth diapers and their demystification.
    • Practical part: on the subject of diapering our diapers.
    • And finally everything about washing, storage and further action.


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    You don’t live in Berlin or Munich?
    Our laundry delivery service is still limited to these two cities so far.
    We are working more on it, so we will be able to offer more Windelei wash delivery service locations soon.